Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Much slacking off by yours truly, apologies. Here's the results since the last update.

May 31st (I know, I know)

Charlie's Angels 229, Acorns 239

June 7th

Acorns 243, Renegades 236

June 14th

Kemps Crusaders 225, Acorns 251

June 21st

Acorns 272, Southend Travellers 229

June 28th

Fireflys 246, Acorns 250

July 5th

Southend Travellers 244, Acorns 232

July 12th

Acorns 260, Kemps Crusaders 252

Only one loss in that lot (at Credenhill SC, where winning is of course against the laws of physics), which leaves Acorns 3rd, only 1 point behind 2nd and 2 off 1st with 4 games to play.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Breeze

A large can of whup-ass was delivered to Addisons Bar on Friday.

Acorns 255, Evans SC 294

Friday, 24 May 2013

Summertime Blues

A through-ball-fest against the steady scoring Military GPO halts the Acorns princely 1 game winning streak. The only winner tonight was the National Lottery. And the home team.

Military GPO 244, Acorns 234

In The Summertime

An opening day win for Summer Season 2013. Following a traditional tarot ceremony, the chosen six produced a solid display. Their remaining team-mates offered the usual support and understanding from the sidelines.

Acorns 242, Fire Flys 234

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Summer Season 2013

The fixtures are now up on the league website, the link is on the right. We're in Section 2, first game Friday May 10th at home to Fire Flys.

Bill Preece Memorial Cup (Pairs)

Great effort Dave & Mark, who made it through to the last night of the Pairs but dropped out at the semi-finals. They beat R & S Potter in the Quarter Final at Hereford Snooker Centre (Wednesday 17th April), but lost out to I Winter & W Birch on the following Friday at the Richmond Club.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bill Preece Memorial Cup (Pairs)

Round 5: Wednesday 20th Mar

City Sports Club

D Cole & M Edwards beat I Owen & T Cotterell

Quarter Final: Wednesday 17th Apr

Hereford Snooker Centre

D Cole & M Edwards v R & S Potter

Monday, 8 April 2013

End Of Season Feast

It's that time of year again, as the captain slaves over a hot keyboard and the spoon is polished. Meeting in the Lich between 7 and 8 this Friday (12th). Nothing booked, we'll go where our stomachs take us.

Run-In & Re-arranged

A mixed bag (of crap mainly), for the final games, including a couple of re-arranged fixtures.

Friday, March 8th

Marsh's Marauders 333, Acorns 325

Friday, March 22nd

Richmond 'A' 323, Acorns 332

Thursday, March 28th (from January 18th)

Acorns 332, Bunch of Bankers 348

Friday, April 5th (from March 15th)

Acorns 343, Busbars 349

It looks like most of the teams staying in Div 3 have ended up within a few point of each other, with us drifting towards the bottom but fairly safe now it's only 3 down. An end-of-term feel for the last game with a poor final leg, but nothing compared to the vintage English cricket style collapse of the previous week. There's always next season.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Proper Home Win

Back at Addison's again for a very good win. The final margin was comfortable in the end with some good scores, including a 49 from Mr Sharp looking pretty safe for season's highest and Mr Lane also into the 40s. In case anyone had forgotten, we do occasionally play on different alleys and will be at the Lad's Club on Friday.

Acorns 362, Lost Heads 325